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Planting Sweet Corn In A Small Garden
Planting Sweet Corn In A Small Garden

Sweet corn is wind-pollinated annual. It has colorful ears and contains is quite high in sugar.

Unlike the field varieties, in order to harvest corn it must have dry and matured kernels, but these corns are ready to be prepared and eaten in the "milk stage" when the kernels are still immature.

You can certainly plant sweet corn in a small garden, and this is how:

1. Choose a variety.

There are a few varieties: Ambrosia Hybrid, Celestial Hybrid, Silver Queen, Trinity Hybrid, etc...

You can choose any of them, but the very important thing to keep in mind is to not plant one type close to another because it can result in a "cross pollination" and ruin all your hard work.

2. Soil conditions and time

The best time for planting corn is in the spring when the soil reaches ideal temperatures of 60 degrees with no risk of frost.

Soil needs adequate moisture and a minimum of 6 hours of sun exposure in order to provide corn with optimal conditions for growing.

3. Corn pollination

Corn pollination is important to understand for anyone who want to plant corn.

Each kernel sits on one thread of silk on the ear of corn, so in order to develop the kernel, the silk must be pollinated.

This happens when the wind blows pollen grains from the anthers into the silk. It also can be done by hand if there is no wind just by dusting some pollen on the silk.

4. Planting

In order to become fully pollinated, corns need to be close to each other.

However, because of cross-pollination, the best option is to plant one variety at a time and then wait about ten days to plant another. Then you will be sure that you have done everything correctly.

Make a big square with about 10 foot long rows and a 3-foot row space. Plant about 15 corn seeds in it and you're done. For more on this, see this page or watch the video above.

You can protect your small garden by building a fence around it (great landscaping info can be found on this site) in case some pest animals are lurking around.

Make your own sweet corn garden by following these simple steps. Good luck!